Dr Schuler performed more than 200 toxicological studies in compliance with GLP for the approval of pharmaceuticals and the registration of industrial and agricultural chemicals.

The majority of these studies were performed by the inhalative route.

Several studies were published in peer reviewed journals or presented as lectures or posters.

The experience of Detlef Schuler comprises also

  • thorough knowledge of ICH, OECD and OPPTS toxicity testing guidelines
  • compilation of study results into IUCLID files or CTD tables
  • initiation of organisational changes (e.g. new working procedures for the avoidance of cross-contamination as well as the establishment of new methods and techniques, e.g. a nose-only flow past inhalation exposure system for rabbits and the atmosphere generation and analysis of nanomaterials)
  • broad knowledge in most areas of toxicology
  • fundamental understanding in analytical chemistry, e.g. method selection (HPLC and GC with various detectors, AAS, ELISA, etc.), selection of different sampling and work-up procedures and method validation.